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Synergy Cervical Exercise Kit

Synergy Cervical Exercise Kit
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Product Information

Target Exercises for Headaches due to Chronic Neck Pain, Poor Posture, Injuries

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches due to prolonged stress/injuries from daily work in front of the computer screen, lengthy hours working with the head protracted, leading to poor posture and chronic neck & head pain, Synergy Cervical Kit targets on exercises to alleviate the pain, strengthening the neck musculature that often elongate and weaken, bringing more blood flow to the cervical & occipital region, stretching the tightened musculature, relieving tension, leading to a pain-free, more rejuvenating living.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Protocols

Stretches tight muscles associated with poor posture, chronic neck pain, and headaches, including the Upper Trapezius, Levator Scapular, and Scalenes. Isometric strengthening creates a basis to work from. Progress to isotonic exercise, strengthening the muscles which often elongate and weaken, including the Para Spinals and Deep Cervical Flexors.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Kit

... Provides an effective progressive exercise program.

Each Cervical Exercise Kit includes:

Synergy Cervical Exercise DVD

... A 30 minute DVD in actual time  targeting the cervical region, covering stretching, isometrics, and functional exercises with the Synergy Cervical Device.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Wall Chart  ...  Oversized 18" x 24" offers stretches, isometrics and functional exercises performed with Synergy Cervical Device.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Tracking Chart

... Includes a Practitioner’s Protocol Check-Off List and a Progress Tracking Chart for Cervical exercise

Synergy Cervical Exercise Device

allows for full range of motion without slipping, isolating hard to reach areas.   Available in XLight, *Light, Medium or Heavy resistances (*most common).


Synergy Cervical Ball 22cm

allows for added exercise benefit to Synergy Cervical Program - Series II.  Use Ball instead of rolled-up towel... inflate or deflate ball for easy adjustment in resistance for isometric work. 

Only $3.50 when added to kit (SAVE 50%)

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Price: $94.95 $79.95

Product Options:
Add Ball 22cm
Cord Resistance

Product Code: Cervical Kit
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